Apple could allow the installation of other application stores in Europe

The Apple ecosystem is recognized as a very strict one, but on the one hand it works excellently. In Europe, Apple could cut the chains and give access to third-party app stores to enter their ecosystem.

Not necessarily because they want to, but because they are obliged by the EU. This would mean that iPhone and iPad users in Europe will have other stores besides the AppStore.

Apple never agreed to this, invoking a reason as true and real as possible. Using stores other than the AppStore, users can install dangerous, unverified, less secure applications that would spoil the user experience. And I can understand them perfectly in this chapter.

The AppStore is controlled by Apple and it is almost impossible to find bad applications there. All are well optimized and thought for Apple. How would it be to see another store with bad, poorly optimized, unreliable applications on a last-generation iPhone and everything moving badly? You’re going to blame the phone, right?

Apple is still thinking about how to make this move. There are many software engineers involved in this project, which should be ready next year. We will definitely find out news as we get closer to the release of iOS 17 in the fall of next year.