For the first time in 18 years, Facebook is losing users

This news spread around the internet, and journalists seemed very worried about Facebook’s losses. Yes, for the first time in 18 years, the social network has lost users.

The truth is that Facebook has lost a small number of users, from 1.30 trillion to 1.929 billion. Was all this drama really necessary for such a small number? I do not believe.

However, this decline also had repercussions. Meta shares fell 20 percent, or about $ 200 billion. This is important news.

It’s normal for Facebook to lose users. They will keep losing because many people only now realize how toxic the platform is and alternatives like Twitter are much better. In addition, TikTok and Instagram (Instagram also belongs to Meta) steal from young users.

Metaverse is the new platform that Zuck believes will be successful, not for nothing has changed the name of the company. We may not know anything about Facebook in a few years, with users migrating elsewhere. It’s normal, they all have a beginning and an end.