Realme has sold 200 million phones globally

Realme is a young company founded in 2018, and since then and until now it has managed to sell 200 million phones and become one of the top mobile phone manufacturers.

The company focuses on affordable phones and phones with a very good price-quality ratio, offering young people around the world access to top technology.

In 2021, they reached the threshold of 100 million sales. In Europe, they are in 4th place according to Canalys, being in continuous growth. In 2023, realme was the only brand that was on the plus side in a market where all manufacturers recorded decreases.

The company will continue to hire people and develop young teams. They imposed themselves that each new release also offers a new technology, and in 2024 they want to significantly increase their investments in research and development, planning a 470% increase in expenses for these divisions. Also, the staff will increase by 400% in 2024.

Meanwhile, they are preparing the launch of GT5 in China and we don’t know if it will reach Europe. It is a flagship with Snapdragon 8 Gen3, will use the largest periscope lens in the industry and will use the IMX890 sensor. It will have a fast OLED screen, a generous battery and a premium design. We don’t know when and if it will reach us.