Redmi Buds 3 Lite short review

Headphones have become a useful accessory in our daily lives, and buds are even more so due to their size and increased portability.

Budmi 3 Lite newly launched by Redmi, Xiaomi’s budget division, is an affordable solution for those looking for a powerful pair of headphones without paying an exaggerated price.

Their design is minimalist and they are made of plastic. We have no logo on them and no modern line. We opted for a rudimentary look. They are IP53 certified so that they can be easily used during demanding workouts at the gym or during a rain run.

They are equipped with sensitive touch control. To change the song or answer the phone, simply tap the surface of one of the headphones twice. Three taps are required to play or stop music.

In terms of use, they sit comfortably in the ears and are not disturbed even after long wear. I used them for listening to music while running, while working, for talking on the phone, and I listened to several podcasts. They have a pleasant ergonomics that will not bother you for long use. Only once did one of the headphones fall out of my ear, and that was because I didn’t put it on properly.

The sound quality is good and constant regardless of the type of activity performed with them. They are equipped with noise reduction technology that identifies and extracts human voices to reduce background noise.

The connection is made via Bluetooth 5.2 and the signal has a range of 10m. A single charge allows an operating time of 5 hours. In my longest use, after a full charge, I used them a little over 4 hours and they worked without problems.

They are charged when they are placed in the case that holds them with the help of magnets, and the case is charged via a USB type C port. The charging cable is not included in the package.

Once paired with your mobile phone or any other audio device, they are automatically connected to the latest device with which they were used when they are removed from the case.