TikTok is testing a new feature

We will write more about TikTok here this year. Not because we are big content creators or consumers there, but because the Chinese platform is getting more and more public.

And the programmers there are working on a new feature. Basically, after its implementation, you will be able to share (as on Facebook) or repost (as on Tweeter) a video you have seen. But, the button will be called REPOST, because, no, there had to be a gram of innovation there too!

The reposting feature that TikTok is testing could allow users to post interesting videos of other creators to their followers, either by sending it directly to specific friends or sending it through other apps.

The really interesting part is that the option will allow reposted videos to be seen by followers in their own feed, but they will not appear in the profile of the reposter.

Basically, TikTok will keep in each user’s profile only personal creations, not posts taken from other users, making it more difficult to grow accounts as other social networks allow.

Do you have a TikTok account?