BlackBerry is preparing a 5G phone with a physical keyboard

Remember when you last saw someone using a BlackBerry? Or when did you hear about the Canadian company?

An update from OnwardMobility, the company that currently owns the BlackBerry trademark rights, tells us that they are not dead. This is contrary to appearances.

The company said it is still committed to launching a new BlackBerry smartphone, one that will have a physical keyboard as well as 5G connectivity. Unfortunately, it does not provide a deadline or at least an expected launch window for the future smartphone. At least the message clearly states that they are ready to fix one of the biggest shortcomings of the last year, that of lack of proper communication.

Starting in the new year, OnwardMobility has said it will communicate more often with its fans and also apologize for the harsh silence they have maintained for most of last year. There will be more regular updates on what they do, which will keep us up to date with the new smartphone. The company also blamed the unforeseen circumstances that prevented it from launching the smartphone in 2021, something they had previously promised to do. Okay, what a medical crisis, but also chips I had, no wonder, for a company that was dying clinically.

Interestingly, while they took the time to contact us and reiterate their commitment to launching an “ultra-secure 5G enterprise smartphone,” they gave us no perspective on what they’ve been up to all along. year. As such, we know almost nothing about the future of the phone, and therefore we can’t guess how much longer we have to wait for that device to come our way. In other words, the above communication is just a message that they are still there and do not provide us with any significant information about the extremely important BlackBerry device they claim to be working on.