iPhone 13 Pro Max is probably the smartphone with the greatest autonomy of all phones

iPhone 13 Pro Max is one of the best phones in terms of autonomy. Of all the phones on the market. In a comparative test, it reached 10 hours of autonomy in continuous use.

Not to be misunderstood when I say that it has the greatest autonomy, I think it is clearly a comparison with other flagship models today. We do not compare with phones that have a 10,000mAh battery or with the Nokia 3310.

Going beyond that, the comparative test between the newest iPhone models shows us clearly that it doesn’t matter how many mAh the battery has as long as in practice things are clear.

iPhone 13 Mini is probably the phone that surprised everyone with its high autonomy vs the previous generation. However, the champion remains 13 Pro Max with 10 hours of use, thus being one of the best phones in this regard, perhaps even the best.