Realme 9 Pro – A Surprisingly Good Phone

I received the cheapest version for the test and I tell you that I was pleasantly impressed.

We go over the presentation of the brand as you already know. However, Realme still has to learn to name his phones because he put me in a very bad fog. And if a fog hit me, a fan of technology, a normal man might be completely miserable.

Explain to someone that realme 9 Pro has better specifications (at least in theory) than 9 Pro +. Seriously, I thought it was a mistake, but that’s exactly it.

We will also test 9 Pro + to see EXACTLY the differences. Until then, I will briefly introduce you to Realme 9 Pro, a phone that has already entered a direct race with Xiaomi and Oppo.


  • 6.6 inch Super AMOLED screen at 120Hz
  • Snapdragon 695 5G
  • 5000mAh battery
  • 128GB memory
  • RAM: 6 / 8GB
  • 64MP camera, 8MP ultrawide and 2MP macro
  • Maximum Full HD shooting
  • Headphone jack
  • Side button fingerprint sensor
  • USB Type C 2.0
  • 30W fast charging

Plastic is fantastic. Although the back fools you at first sight that it is glass, realme made a little savings and offered a good quality plastic, fixed as it should be in this price segment. Anyway, you put the cover on him so that it gets dirty with fingerprints immediately. And the cover is offered as a gift in the package. Nice.

The construction is good, beautiful, the colors that realme offers on their phones are interesting and different from what the competition offers. They always said that they are a brand for young people and then they have to offer phones with a youthful, attractive design.

I like the way it is held in the hand. It’s light, thin, not at all uncomfortable and compared to my 13 Pro Max brick, realme 9 Pro is a phone 10 times more comfortable to use.

The fingerprint sensor has a built-in Home button on the side. And here we can say that they saved money by not integrating it into the screen. I think it’s good and it’s often even more practical. It works very well, it is accurate and fast.

It only has one speaker on the bottom lip. You can’t hear who knows what. It’s just mono and when you turn the phone back on the landscape it will sound pretty ugly.

But he has a headphone jack!

It is a 6.6 inch Super AMOLED display with Full HD + resolution. At first glance it looks pretty good. It is bright, it has bright colors, but you have a more expensive phone with which to compare, you will see that the screen is not very great. It provides a cool image, does not know how to play HDR content and sometimes burns the image. No, it’s a mid-range phone, you can’t have them all.

But you still have 120Hz, and that in gaming will count enormously. The SoC platform used allows you to run modern games and then you will want a fast screen.

We’re used to it already. The Chinese put big batteries and fast charging. That they are not the most efficient batteries, we know that. That fast charging is not healthy for the battery, we know that too. However, the user of mid-range phones is not interested in this. For a use of about 2 years (I do not think such a phone can be used longer) is exactly what you need.

The battery offers enough life for the phone to be used intensively all day, and in the evening to charge it for 30-40 minutes and to start over the next day. It doesn’t even have many consumers, so it’s ok.

I’m not going to eat shit. This phone turned my back on the photo chapter. I will continue to complain about the very poor implementation of the functions in the camera menu and the simple fact that you cannot use the 64MP in daily life.

The phone has a 64MP main camera, but you will not use it at full capacity. Normally you will take photos at 12MP, and if you want to use the whole sensor you have to look for the dedicated 64MP module in the camera menu. I can’t understand that….

I liked the function of extending the RAM memory in a virtual way. Basically you take it from storage memory and turn it into RAM. Interesting. Other than that, I didn’t find anything special on this phone. It’s a mid-range Android, it moves well, a little lag here and there but otherwise only good.