Shrek 3 : The Third – system specs

In Shrek 3, players in the role of Shrek’s adventures with his friends to save Far Far Away, a funny tale with many twists, the movie and beyond.

Fans will be able to play roles favorite characters from the film: Shrek, Donkey, Puss-in-Boots, Fiona, Fiona’s rebellious cousin – and his friend Arthur heroine Sleeping Beauty fairy.

The game takes his adventurers into an epic journey through the lands of Far Far Away after Prince Charming (Prince Charming) hits the city with an army of criminals in order to seize the throne.

Players are challenged to save his friends and his men to face Charming, to gather collectibles, test their gaming skills in numerous battles and mini-games.

Shrek 3: The Third Features:

– Gamers have the opportunity to interact with characters from film and other new characters exclusive to the Shrek game could be the use of their unique moves, special abilities and combat.

– Shrek universe adventures spread across 20 levels based on the script and props from the movie and beyond, full of adventure and danger, levels such as Academy Grounds, Evil Queen’s Castle, Pirate Ship and more.

– Players must learn to successfully use their special abilities of each character: Shrek’s ogre strength, Fiona’s Flying foot, cute kitten’s Put N ‘Boots, the fairy swan attack the sleeping Sleeping Beauty and the Power of Excalibur Arthur.

– Players can engage in six multiplayer mini-games are: Castle Attack Shrekleboard, Frog Herder, Shooting Gallery, Catacombs Leap and Ships Ahoy.

These and many more will find in Shrek the Third.

Shrek 3 : The Third System Requirements:


Windows XP, Vista
Pentium III 800 MHz
512 MB RAM
64 MB video card
DirectX: 9.0c
Others: 3 GB free space on your hard drive.