Fake news won yesterday when Romanians lined up at gas stations

Last night I saw what the effect of fake news looks like. And just a few days ago I told you how to avoid these manipulations, how to check a news and how to proceed in such cases. The effect was seen in the queue at the gas station.

The huge queues formed at all gas stations in the country have created chaos, panic and insecurity. The fake news that hit us all hard, from which we find out that the price of fuel reaches 10-11 or even 12 lei in some cases, has reached its goal for the masses of people in the sights of the target.

Where did this information come from? Well on Facebook and on obscure sites. Some television stations even broadcast the information without a source behind it. It was simply an invented piece of news meant to scare the population.

What really happened? Nothing. Apart from the MOL gas stations, which actually had inflated prices at 9-10 lei, the other gas stations remained at the standard price, ie around 7.5 lei.

The picture above taken by Marian Andrei from iLikeIT at the MOL on Decebal in Bucharest clearly shows the price: 8.45 petrol and 9.07 diesel.

In conclusion, a psychosis has formed, a complete chaos. Out of fear, queues formed at all stations, regardless of brand, and fuel was also packaged, in bottles and even bags. Incredible! Some even stood in line at MOL and put in 10 lei, and in front of Petrom it was 7.6 lei. I wonder how those people felt when they left MOL and saw the price 100 meters higher in front of Petrom.

The good news came 5 hours later. OPEC has increased production by 11%, and the price of fuel will fall globally by 17%, including in Romania. Ha!

However, this manipulation has no limits, and very gullible people are the most affected. They are the same people who stocked up on food at the beginning of the pandemic, the same people who left with toilet paper boxes and cans.