Intel XeSS upscaling AI technology has officially debuted. The first compatible game is Shadow of The Tomb Raider

Intel has released its own AI upscaling technology, and the first supported game is Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Intel XeSS works in a similar manner to NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FidelityFX, providing graphics fidelity similar to native resolution rendering and significantly better performance.

The technology is compatible with all Arc GPUs, and the performance contribution is at least 20 frames per second, Intel claims. XeSS is also compatible with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, provided they support the Shader Model 6.4 standard.

Intel mentions that performance may vary depending on hardware configuration and other factors, but on the Arc 770, which is due out in two weeks, XeSS seems to perform very well, delivering up to 103% higher framerates in Hitman 3 at 1440p resolution.

Game developers can find the Intel XeSS SDK on Github, but the source code is not yet available. More details about XeSS and its performance on different configurations can be found on Intel’s website.