iPhone SE 3 has much better battery life than iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 3 was not received with great enthusiasm. It’s a phone with an outdated design and an unjustifiably high price, but for many it’s the only iPhone they can afford.

It comes with the A15 Bionic SoC from the iPhone 13 series and has 5G connectivity, otherwise it is identical to the iPhone SE 2. But the integration of a newer processor comes not only with performance advantages, but also with a much better autonomy.

In standalone tests, iPhone SE 3 gets 15 hours of video playback from internal memory, 10 hours of video streaming and 50 hours of audio playback. From this point of view, the new model is 20% better than its predecessor and similar to the iPhone 12 Mini.

However, the autonomy tests also do not take into account the impact of 5G connectivity, which can drastically reduce battery life in everyday use.

Certainly, the iPhone SE 3 is not in the first places in the autonomy tests, being surpassed by almost all the top of the range, but it is to be appreciated that it brings a substantial improvement compared to the previous model.