Oppo fastest battery charging

As we move, the more powerful they become mobile. And to achieve their potential, consume more battery and need increasingly larger.

And to not take too much near the outlet user manufacturers or integrators mobile phone platforms have developed fast charging technology.

But it seems that the most capable Flash VOOC called Super Charge, and comes from Oppo. It was working last three years, and is now in the testing stage, was unveiled at MWC 2016.

And allows loading a battery of 2500 mAh in about 15 minutes. Something that Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 can not succeed.

The technology involves low voltages, only 5 V, and load throbbing, plus special circuitry in the phone, charger and battery.

Even cable and related amended based on the military-grade components. And because working from home with low voltages is no longer required conversion to the phone, yielding returns of 97%.

We do not know when it will reach VOOC Super Charge Flash market and what phones. But little chance to be present on smartphones other integrators.