SD memory cards are getting faster

SD memory cards are becoming faster in the very near future. SD Express compatible cards will have a new standard, SD 8.0, which promises speeds of up to 4GB / s.

SD cards are targeted because they are used more often in professional applications such as cameras and video, and as filming has higher and higher resolution and takes up more space, their transfer to the PC must be done fairly quickly.

The speeds reached will be 4GB / s, and to enjoy this speed when using the card on your laptop or PC you will also need a new adapter with PCI Express 4.0 interface, otherwise you can’t reach these transfer speeds. .

However, memory cards will be compatible with all devices that support a card, but there will be speed limits depending on the device. The best part is that we will also find cheap SD memory cards, so we should not be afraid that they will come at very high prices.

SD Assoctiation did not say when exactly we will see these Express 8.0 cards on the market.