The iPhone 13 is now produced in India

One of the side effects of the current crisis in China is the migration of some of the production originally located there to other countries.

One of the companies that first considered the option and decided to move is Apple. Recently, it announced that the production of the iPhone 13 has been moved to India, in a Foxconn factory near Chennai.

Prior to this announcement, the IT giant tested this scenario in December, and models such as iPhone 11, 12 and SE (2020) were already manufactured in the Asian country. Being already an important market for them, 70% of the total sales there are locally produced units.

Originally launched as a measure to save money – import duties in India are extremely high – the measure has become attractive to the business in the current context, which does not allow predictability, due to the lockdown, but also the possible Chinese involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.